Glamping accommodation.

We all live in a time that belongs to the young at heart. The life that is becoming extremely fast.


For those who are in love with the environment.

Indigenous Wayuu

Its landscapes contrast between the immensity of its deserts with beautiful sunsets and the beauty of its calm sea.

Punta Gallinas

Is the northernmost tip of the continental plate of South America, retaining the charm of a virgin and solitary place that reveals the absence of spirit.

Wildlife and Flora Sanctury

In located on the Colombian Caribbean coast. Located between the Caribbean sea and the dry forest of La Guajira.

Tubing in the Palomino

This tour is perfect to satisfy this adventurous spirit that we have inside, descanding in the majestic and crystalline waters of the Palomino River, accompanied by qualified personnel and all the relevant security measures.

Koguis indigenous people

They believe that the great mother controls everything, but that modern humans have broken the balance of nature. On this trip we will know their customs and beliefs.

River Don Diego

In this beautiful place where the natural pools that delight the locals and strangers are formed. When its enchanting channel shrinks due to summer.

Tayrona National Park

Is a sanctuary of biodiversity and archaeological remains and disiacal beaches that invite you to encounter yourself.

Mayapo & Riohacha

Which is facing the Caribbean Sea and next to the desert, is the gateway to discover the peninsula of La Guajira, the norternmost department of Colombia.

Brook Valencia

In this beautiful place is where the natural pools are formed. When its bed run down it is possible to ascend its steep bed of rocks. It is an extraordinary opportunity that nobody wants to miss.

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